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EQUATE is the World’s first Online skills assessment platform based on the Blockchain Technology.


EQUATE is a decentralized Online Assessments platform that tackles the issue of corruption in examinations and manipulation of evaluation results at an infrastructure and protocol level by leveraging Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts.


Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” - Sir John Dalberg-Acton

De-centralized Assessments

The current education system is riddled with problems starting from impersonation, hacking & leakages of questions, cheating, errors & manipulations. There Is a dire need for diffusion of power and independence from the central authorities, which is why the idea of EQUATE was conceived.

EQUATE is a decentralized Online Assessments platform that tackles the issue of corruption in examinations and manipulation of evaluation results at an infrastructure and protocol level by leveraging Blockchain, Technology and Artificial Intelligence powered Smart Contracts.

Immutable Academic Records

Fake or Counterfeit degrees is a vast and worldwide problem with no nation being immune to such problem.

EQUATE allows the issuing authorities to issue evidence based immutable certificates & transcripts from the evaluation results registered on the blockchain. The security and immutability of the academic records is maintained by a network of nodes instead of a central authority. Degrees/diplomas are issued on the basis of evaluation result registered on the blockchain.

Transparent Education Financing

A huge scam in the name of ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ runs in the world today including money laundering by corporates via NGO’s and using CSR for tangible returns, misdirection of funds & Bribery.

Equate removes all intermediaries & keeps a record of all transactions while ensuring payment conformity by using smart contracts. Moreover, EQUATE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM enables corporates & charitable organisations to pay for scholarship of students on the basis of their results and assessments thereby creating a transparent & hassle free scholarship awarding system.



Universities, students , corporates and test centres must register on our platform and get verified to use our platform.


Any professional certification authority that requires the issue of qualifications on the basis of test outcomes can create & administer tests ,surveys using capabilities of the platform..


Equate empowers test authorities to generate real time marksheets , Degrees on the basis of candidate’s response registered on the Blockchain.


Equate offers a dynamic & pre-verified profile of learning, achievements & qualifications based on theimmutable transcripts generated via blockchain on our platform.


Students and Universities can apply for direct P2P scholarships/donations through our platform.


The corporates registered with equate can source the right candidates on the basis of pre-verified resume; reducing cost sourcing candidates & their background verification


The word EQUATE is derived from the latin word “aequat” which means ‘make equal, balance’ and that is our mission; To achieve an economic equilibrium driven by employability achieved through immutable evidence based permanent records of qualifications, competence & performance of the global workforce throughout their lifetime.
EQUATE strives to be the World’s exclusive Blockchain based platform for education & employment with the vision to on-board global Education and its GDP.


Individual commitment to a group effort--that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.

  • Madhur Prabhakar
    Founder & CEO
    A former Officer, Government of India,10+ years of experience in Recruitment Operations and Public Admintstration.His work experience includes working for CSIR, Government Of India, United Health Group and Merittac Services. Founded Equate Platform in 2017 as the leader of Blockchain governance framework design and digital assets management framework establishment.
  • Arpita Mukherjee
    Co-Founder & Intellectual Property Engineer
    Having worked as a Technology Patent engineer in one of the leading IPR law firm, she is richly experienced in dealing with IPR related services in the distributed ledger systems. She was formerly involved with IPU, CSIR-Government Of India.
  • Vinay Kumar
    Chief Marketing Officer
    An University of Delhi passout and a well renowned personality in the Indian mainstream media, Vinay was the former National Bureau Chief and Deputy Resident Editor at the prestigious 'The Hindu'newspaper. Vinay is also the Founder Editor at the 'The India Saga' news website and also the serving President of the Press Club of India.
  • Tanuj Behl
    Manager Operations
    Tanuj joined Equate Platfrom in 2018, responsible for overall corporate operations, strategy and business development of national markets. Tanuj is an instrumental, seasoned and integral force driving operations at Equate Platform.
  • Manish Bisht
    Executive Administrator
    Manish joined Equate Platform in 2018 after having worked with a couple of MNCs where he was incharge of Supervision and Office Administration. Manish has firsthand experience working with assessment firms and is an exceptional team builer and team worker.
  • Suman Rajak
    Blockchain Developer
    Suman joined Equate Platform in 2018 after having 2.5+ years Experience in Software Development.

Honorary Advisor

  • S M Khan
    Mr Khan retired as DG of Registrar of Newspaper in India (RNI). He was also Press Secretary to the former President of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. For 13 years, he was also spokesperson of India's premier investigation agency CBI.
  • Navneet Rajan Wasan
    Navneet Rajan Wasan was the former Director-General of the Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPR&D) and also served as the Director General of National Investigation Agency (NIA).
  • Leslie Tindale
    Principal, Wynberg-Allen School and a renowned figure in the educational set-up in India. Under his leadership, the institution bagged the prestigious 'Great Place to Study' award at House of Lords, London
  • Sudev Das
    An Entreprenuer at heart with a vast experience of over 25 years in Business Strategy, Sudev served as the director of recruitment at United Health Group before Co-founding some successful ventures like Vyre.co, Orange Antelopes etc


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